Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The motel we stayed at was in a great location. We stayed at the Park Lane Suites and Inn, on NW King St., close to the Nob Hill neighborhood. We were in the Inn across the street from the suites, and it looked like it was furnished entirely with Ikea items.

Added July 2017...

On our second trip back in July 2017 we stayed at the University Place Hotel & Conference Center, which is owned and operated by Portland State University. The decor was a little dated but it was clean and comfortable, and there was a light rail line right out front so it was convenient to downtown and to getting to the airport. They also had a decent free breakfast and we could rent a car without leaving the building, which we did on the second day so we could go to Cannon Beach.


Portland food carts : There are several places in Portland where they have lunch carts set up. The "pod" at Alder and 10th was walking distance from our motel. Scott wanted to stay in Portland for a month so he could try all the different food carts. When we went back in 2017 we went back to the same food truck "pod" and enjoyed it as much as we did the first time.

People's Food Co-op : If you already read the Portland Attractions post, I mentioned that we went to the People’s Food Co-op where our friend Todd is a member. Aside from selling healthy and organic food, they strive to sell locally-grown food, and even post photos of the farmers who grew the food. And even though we weren’t members, we could still buy food. Scott got some red raspberries that I ate before we even got to the car.

Blue Moon : the Blue Moon is one of the many pubs owned by McMenamis Breweries. Scott got a sampler board which he enjoyed, and he also really liked the veggie wrap he ordered.

Lucky Labrador : Todd took us to the Lucky Labrador, the Quimby location. They brew their own beer but don’t bottle it, so you have to go there if you want some. Scott again got a sampler board and he really liked these. I had the pear hard cider which was pretty good. We got the Greek pizza, but it was unmemorable.

Added July 2017...
When we went back to visit Todd in Portland, we met him downtown and over the course of about 9 or 10 hours we walked about three miles and ate at several places. It felt like we ate our way across Portland. We started at the food trucks mentioned above and also made a few other stops including:

Cool Moon Ice Cream : a locally owned business that makes yummy ice cream in many flavors, several are seasonal. I had the Marionberry and it was delicious. Todd had the Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Imperial Restaurant : someone recommended this to us before we left, saying that they had really good fried chicken. And you know what? They have really good fried chicken! Scott had the grilled Caesar salad and Todd had Duck Meatballs and they also shared the pickle plate.

Random Order Pie Bar : savory and dessert pies sold whole or by the slice. They also sell coffee and cocktails.

Want to know what to do in Portland besides eat? Check out my post on Portland attractions.

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