Sunday, May 22, 2016


Red Sox Baseball : My husband is a baseball fan and seeing a game at Fenway Park was on his bucket list. It was no surprise that the Red Sox fans take the game seriously, but what surprised me was how much they liked to sing. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and "Sweet Caroline" are to be expected. But "Take On Me"? With a crowd full of people trying to do the high note? Anyway, the Red Sox won 13 to 3 over the Oakland As.

Boston Commons / Boston Public Gardens : Having read about the Commons and the Public Gardnes in the Spenser books by Robert B. Parker, we were interested in seeing them for ourselves. The park was even lovely at night.

The Public Gardens is where they have the swan boats, which were also mentioned in some of the Spenser books. Yes, we went for a ride on them.

Boston Duck Tour : The Duck Tour not only drives around town, sharing the history and architecture of the city...

...but it also goes into the Charles River. (So including the Swan Boats and the row boat in Central Park, that makes three boat rides on this trip.)

Mt. Auburn Cemetery : Located across the river in Cambridge, this cemetery is more like a park, and they also have the Washington Tower which you can go up in and see views of the city.

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