Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Cedar Key Accommodations :

Nana's Room at the Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast

There are a lot of accomodation options in Cedar Key. We picked the Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast not only because of the price and reviews, but also because it was 2 blocks from the downtown area and offered free use of their bicycles.

View of the 500 year old live oak tree from the back porch
The rooms were cozy and filled with antiques, the porches were large with plenty of areas to sit, and the gardens were lovely (especially considering how much snow we'd had back home this winter).

The breakfast was delicious. There isn't any choice of breakfast, you eat what's cooked that day but I'm a picky eater and I enjoyed it all. (They do accommodate for food allergies and dietary preferences.)

Cedar Key Dining :

One of the things I really liked about dining in Cedar Key is that most of the restaurants are located either in the downtown area or the dock area (the two areas are within walking distance from each other). So when we got hungry, we'd just go to these areas (which were within walking distance from our B&B) and wander around looking at menus until we decided what we wanted to eat. We didn't have to decide ahead of time where to eat and drive there.

(Left to right) Seabreeze Restaurant and Steamers Clam Bar and Grill on the dock in Cedar Key

While we were in Cedar Key we ate at two of the many restaurants in the dock area, most of which specialize in seafood entrees. We enjoyed both the Seabreeze Restaurant and Steamers. Both are located on the upper level with views of the water. Steamers even has a few tables on their porch area but they were all taken when we got there. Steamers is the more casual of the two, and had live music when we were there.

Tony's Seafood Restaurant in Cedar Key

We also ate at two of the downtown restaurants. We had sandwiches at the Away From the World CafĂ© and we also tried some of the "Three Times World Champion Clam Chowder" at Tony's. It's a creamy, New England style clam chowder with a lot of flavor. You wouldn't know it from their website but they do serve other food and we also enjoyed the catch-of-the-day fish sandwich. We heeded the website's advice and went there during the week for lunch when it's usually less crowded but there was still a short wait.

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