Friday, May 10, 2013


Washington DC Accommodations :
We chose this hotel because of it's location, only two blocks from the National Mall, and for the price. I'm not going to lie, the room was small and the windows looked out onto three other brick walls although this didn't bother us much and I suspect the rooms that cost $10-$30 more per night were larger and had street views. For us, it was totally worth it for the location.

Washington DC Dining :
We mostly ate at quick restaurants near our motel. The Harrington Hotel had two restaurants with entrances from the hotel lobby, Harry's and Harriett's. Their menus and prices are nearly identical so I suspect they share a kitchen. We went to Harry's one night and I got the fried cod sandwich and really enjoyed it, plus their service was very fast. Ollie's Trolley is in the same building (different entrance) and specializes in hamburgers so we went there one night. For breakfast one day we went to Lincoln's Waffle Shop which was fast, easy, and economical.

Aria Pizza, which is located next to the Ronald Reagan building and has an inexpensive and quick walk up window with outdoor seating under "sails" that are attached to the trees.

When we went to the Capitol Building, we ate at the cafeteria there.

All of the Smithsonian Museums have a cafe area, although since the buildings are open from 10 am-5:30 pm, it's a better choice for lunch.They all have different menus and has put together a nice on-line guide. We were advised to eat at the cafe at the National Museum of the American Indian (photo above) which features food inspired by the five regions of the Native Americans.

Most of the monuments and memorials had snack stands with hotdogs and other goodies.

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